• We have worked with Eden Estate Maintenance Ltd for 20 years and have found them a pleasure to work with and they are always ready to pass their knowledge on.

    Francessca Barrible – Hull & Co.
  • Eden have been maintaining and improving the grounds at our head office for 10 years and have always carried out their duties in a professional manner.

    David Herrett – Higgins Group Plc
  • Eden have been our preferred contractors since 1991 and currently operate at 20 of our sites

    Lyn burch – Area Manager – Peveral Management
  • Eden Estate Maintenance have been providing our services for over 20 years and have always been reliable and efficient

    Linda Roberts – FirstPort Management

Flower Bed Maintenance

Our Landscape and Flower Bed Maintenance Service is just the ticket for those who are ready to add more hours to their day and let someone else pull the weeds.

Our landscaping maintenance service is designed to stop weeds before they even get a chance to start taking over your site’s landscaping.

Our professionals implement the latest techniques and products to make sure your flower beds are blooming throughout the season, whilst maintaining the uniqueness and style. Our flower bed maintenance services include planting of new beds, sweeping and removing leaf litter so that the area looks clean and presentable.

For those tenacious, or existing weeds, we’ll do light, hand-weeding, on a weekly basis, as well as apply any liquid weed control that might be necessary. We also perform a more comprehensive, once a month, hand-weeding, ensuring your landscape and flower beds look great all Spring and Summer long.